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I am a Multicultural Senior Creative Art Director. I have had extensive training and experience for over 10 years in the art of Marketing and Design. I am very goal oriented, organized, creative, and self motivated. My priorities are completing projects and meeting deadlines while going above and beyond to deliver unique, creative and innovative projects. I am a natural leader, and believe that a good leader knows when to lead and when to follow, because of this my teamwork skills are impeccable.


Discover the next generation of art direction

Because of my multicultural outlook in life, bilingualism, and extensive experience and training, I believe my qualifications will bring an outside perspective to your company’s creative team and clients.

With the combination of my skills, experiences, and determination to provide the highest quality of work, I believe I can increase the success of your company and become a valuable asset.


UNIQUE WEBSITES that will take your business
to the next level

Agency & Personal Projects

This is some of my creative work and my heart. They are symbols for my vision, mission as well as my spirit. Take a look at them and you will understand me well.
Always putting my 100% to create the most innovative designs and effective creative strategies.

"To improve is to change;
To be perfect is to change often"
Winston Ohurohill

I hope you like what you saw!
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